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If you have ever desired to breed your
mare to True Colours -
the time is now!

Together we can make it possible.
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Source Arabians International is privileged to offer the
services of an extremely remarkable straight Egyptian
stallion, True Colours. He is revered and celebrated by
breeders internationally. This stallion has proven himself
to be an exciting, proud competitor and Champion in some
of the most pretigious events around the globe.

He has been judged and awarded elevated scores for type, head, body, legs, and motion that are recognized as a
"gold" standard.

True Colours holds titles from Regional Championships, Egyptian Events, Scottsdale, Israeli National Championships, and the World Championships and more.

True Colours represents the epitome of our Arabian breed standard. His silhouette outline the exotic look and perfect balance that is in such demand by breeders today.
He has the extravagant tail carriage, motion, and charisma
that makes you hold your breath and be lost for words.

Over breeding seasons we have witnessed the remarkable influence this stallion has as a sire. True Colours breathes his soul into his offspring, and has proven the promise of his prestigious pedigree again and again.

True Colours foals have been vigorously sought after for exportation and can now be found on four continents.