Since 1978, fueled by passion for Arabian horses, dedication, commitment and experience , have been the key elements that have placed Source Arabians International in the fore front, as Canada's premier breeder of exceptional quality Egyptian Arabian horses, with international prominence.
Owners, Victoria and Vaughn Snelgrove state "We have dedicated our lives to the preservation, well-being and improvement of these rare, prized desert companions. Our journey has resulted in many rewards."

• Egyptian Arabian horses have provided us with lasting friendships and the opportunity to meet Arabian Breeders globally, from all walks of life and descent, ignited by this shared devotion.
• Honoured ten times with feature articles about Source Arabians, by the respected Arabian Horse World magazine, highlighting our experience in breeding, client services, marketing, stallion ownership/selection and management.
• Recognized twice by the CBC National television network for our excellence in breeding and leading market position.
• Recognized by the Premier of Ontario, Canada, for our stallions and their accomplishments.
• Honoured by the Mayor of our city, with a Certificate of Esteem for our
contributions to the business community.
• Bred or owned an abundance of Canadian Breeders Champions Egyptian Event (USA and Europe) , IAHA Sweepstakes, Regional, Scottsdale, National and Salon du Cheval winners.
• Developed strong international affiliations.
• Market in Canada more sterling quality straight Egyptian horses.
• Leading importer/exporter in Canada of exceptional Egyptian blood-stock.

True Colours, Victoria and Vaughn Snelgrove
"...Seeing trees on the horizon, they walked
toward them, and discovered a large and
fertile oasis some miles in extent, and plentifully watered."

-- H. Rider Haggard
Just as desert travelers seek the sanctuary of a fertile oasis, so we think of Source Arabians International as an oasis, where breeders of Arabian horses from around the world breed to our stallions, purchase fine bloodstock, and partake of the services we offer. It is a fertile oasis, with lush years of growth, and , of course, the charismatic stallions of Source Arabians International.

In 2008, Source Arabians International celebrated 30 years of involvement with straight Egyptian Arabian horses. Today when people think Canada and straight Egyptians, they think of Source Arabians International. It has been wonderful to share the passion we feel for the most exciting breed of all - the Arabian.

We invite you to enter our oasis, to refresh, and fortify your breeding program with our stallions. They have contributed and made an exciting impact on the future of the breed. Come into our oasis and be invigorated and inspired !
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